St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The speaker Ed Coats was an inspiration. He had the audience ‘spellbound’ during his presentation. A number of people I spoke to on leaving all said ‘what an excellent speaker’, ‘he nearly had me crying’, ‘I will certainly look at my team and hope we can pull together like that’. Judith Marshland – Head of Media, PR and Communications

Bristol Royal Infirmary United Hospitals Trust

I had the fortune to meet and listen to Ed Coats speaking to a group of senior leaders at an NHS Leadership & Team event. His presentation was entirely relevant to each participant from a personal perspective grappling with some of the same dilemmas faced by Ed and his colleagues on the ice.  It also posed questions to the group around how they led their teams to be high performing and successful. Ed’s ability to translate his experience into the context of the issues facing the NHS post Francis could not have been closer to the challenges the team had discussed earlier in the day. The day was a success and Ed’s talk provided the group with the confidence to face the challenges in a proactive way. Alex Nestor –  HR Director