Dear Ed

On behalf of Albumedix I’d like to thank you for attending our special day last Thursday and talking us through the story of your expedition to Antarctica. Those of us lucky enough to attend were inspired and uplifted by the words and pictures you shared with us. Although our journey in Albumedix won’t be as physical and arduous as yours, there were many elements of what you said we could readily identify with. From having a clear ambition and goal and a strong determination to achieve it to the vital importance of all aspects of good team working.

Your description of the qualities you called upon and discovered within you to sustain you through your adventure reminded us of many things we will need on our own journey to become even more successful as Albumedix; things such as determination, everyone playing a part whatever their team role, the personal strength to make a stand when necessary, good humour, and the awareness that individually and collectively we can exceed our own expectations when we have a clear and inspiring goal. The many illustrations you provided both from the expedition and your healthcare role provided a timely and valuable reminder of what’s possible.

Chris – Albumedix