Great Stories, Great Lessons, Great Healthcare

A bespoke ‘NHS Leadership Academy SW – Masterclass’ designed and based on the concept of story-telling and narrative to engage, inspire and inform the audience about sustainable methods to change key behaviours that are critical to team working.

In May 2014 from the fields of medicine and information design, Ed Coats and Simon Henderson  brought their vast expertise and fascinating and challenging experiences together to illustrate the key lessons that can result in better team working and enhanced organisational performance and effectiveness.

Great Stories, Great Lessons, Great Healthcare covered key areas:

  1. How human behaviour impacts on teams and their performance.
  2. Apply storytelling to identify and exemplify key behaviours in teams
  3. Learn to use stories to aid team reflection and identify the lessons to be learned
  4. How to synthesise both successes and conflicts in teams to deliver advantage
  5. Use of a storytelling model of learning in their local healthcare setting

To enquire about arranging a bespoke masterclass for your team or organisation please contact Karina at