Future Challenges

40 for 40

I am fast approaching 40!!! What next….

Soon after returning from the South Pole with Ben and James I turned thirty and took on my 30@30 challenge. I set myself the goal to complete thirty adventurous races in a year! Sadly I fell short by 3 races and managed just 27 of the ones planned. I believe you find more out about yourself when you fail and then review that failure than always succeeding first time. I limped over the line that year and got married instead. The greatest achievement in that 30th year by miles. That was a turning point for me.

I had been incredibly selfish that year in my attempt to undertake 30@30 and that continued for several years with desire to take on big adventures. The came the review I was not focussed enough on the big stuff, the important stuff, the career, the family. The stuff that was going to be around for many years to come. I made a change and here we are many years later.

The last 10 years changed me physically and I hope I am much wiser. It has been hard but a lot of fun finding out about who I truly am. I think I might have grown up. Life today is much more about building the family, our careers and like lots of people searching for the ultimate ‘work life’ balance …and in my case not always getting that right. Sound familiar? As life caught up with me and our family expanded (we are now five), I now have three wonderful kids to keep me motivated and alive. However I am unfit and out of shape.

As a doctor I spend a lot of time giving out advice and sometimes I forget to take it myself. The past six months has involved a lot of searching for that spark, that mantra I always had growing up of “giving things a go” that “never say die” attitude. My good friends joke nowadays that I withdraw from more events than I complete. This is true. What a difference a decade makes.

Somehow life just got a bit busy. If you can’t make time in your life though for your family, friends and yourself then the balance is all wrong. So here I am approaching 40 next year wondering what to do and where to go next. How do I make sure that the next 40 years remain as exciting as the first 40. The priority is to get healthy. I am not. So here is my the challenge…

When I got home from the South Pole in 2009 I weighed 80 kgs. I had lost a lot of weight as I usually weighed in at 92kgs. Sadly now I am 40 pounds heavier than even that!!!!! Yes 110kgs. I would be more suited to the front row of a ruby scrum than speeding around the running track. My GB decathlon days are well and truly behind me. What the hell happened.

So the challenge I set myself between now and June 14th 2020 is…

40 for 40

get 40 pounds lighter for my 40th!!!

I want to do this for a number of reasons. Partly vanity I admit, but I need to stop the rot. I need to rekindle that desire to compete, to be disciplined, to do things right and get healthy. This time though it is purely for my kids and my family. To make sure I am around to see them as they grow up and achieve their South Pole dreams!

Keep reminding me….. Updates to follow